Foreclosure Information


The goal of foreclosure mediation is to minimize case processing time, save costs and expenses to the parties by working out new mortgage terms or other agreements mutually acceptable to the parties, and prevent adverse social consequences of vacated and abandoned houses in the community.  The benefits of mediation include:

  • Allowing the parties to come together to discuss a resolution that is beneficial to all parties involved.
  • Providing a more informal environment in which to have discussions that, without a mediator, might be tense or difficult.
  • Allowing the parties to determine if keeping the home is the best option available.
  • Avoiding time intensive, expensive, and stressful litigation.
  • Allowing parties to create agreements that include conditions and terms that may be restricted by legal remedies.


Requesting Mediation: When a Foreclosure action is filed against you, you will receive a Summons and Complaint from the Court in the mail. Make sure to open your mail. Inside you will find information about legal assistance, financial counseling, and a Request for Mediation Form. Complete the Request for Mediation form and return it to the Court at the address listed on the Request. An in-person meeting will be scheduled to assess the status of your case. If mediation is agreed upon, a financial packet will need to be submitted in order to review eligibility for loan modification. The Foreclosure Mediator will review your Request and proceed depending on your interest in the property: (a) Interested in keeping your property - If your monthly income meets or exceeds your monthly expenses, you may be eligible for mediation; or (b) Not interested in keeping your property - There may be other options available to you through mediation that allow you to leave the property.

If your request for mediation is denied: Your case will be returned to the Foreclosure Docket for further proceedings. Should your financial circumstances change in the future you may request the magistrate to make a referral to mediation at that time. You may also complete a new Request for Mediation.



Making Home Affordable

Learn more about the Making Homes Affordable program to see if you qualify for one of the programs to:

  • lower your payments,
  • lower your rates,
  • help with a second mortgage; or
  • help with fallen home value

Ohio Housing Finance Agency

(Hardest Hit Funds)

This website offers information on the Ohio Hardest-Hit-Fund (HHF) which may be able to offer funds to help with payments on a delinquent mortgage, partial mortgage payments for those experiencing unemployment, modification of the loan or transitional assistance.

SAVE THE DREAM                                                                     

Ohio’s Foreclosure Prevention Effort
Call (888) 404-4674

Having difficulties paying your mortgage? Call the Save the Dream Ohio Hotline at 888-404-4674. Save the Dream Ohio will connect you with resources in your area who can offer you counseling assistance during this difficult time. Homeowners may check the status of a previously submitted application by visiting or calling 888-404-4674.

Department of Housing & Urban Development (HUD)

HUD’s website will offer information regarding emergency loan programs, the U.S. Treasury’s Hardest Hit Fund Initiative, ways to talk to a foreclosure counselor.  This site is a great resource to find state and local resources as well.

Local HUD approved counseling agencies:

Ohio State University Extension—Wayne County

428 W. Liberty Street, Ste. 12
Wooster, Ohio 44691-5092

(330) 264-8722

  • Financial Management/Budget Counseling


​CCCS of the MidWest

One Marion Avenue, Suite 307
Mansfield, Ohio 44903-7907

(800) 355-2227

  • Mortgage Delinquency and Default Resolution Counseling


Mustard Seed Development Center

1357 Home Avenue
Akron, Ohio 44310

(330) 631-0350

  • Mortgage Delinquency and Default Resolution Counseling


Community Legal Aid Services

50 S. Main St., Suite 800

Akron, OH  44308

(800) 998-9454

  • For financially eligible low-income, elderly or disabled persons.
  • Referrals to other resources for debt    counseling and loss mitigation services
  • Serves clients in Summit, Stark, Medina, Portage, Wayne, Mahoning, Columbiana, and Trumbull Counties.


Wayne County Veterans Service

(330) 643-2830

  • May help to assist veterans with their basic living needs or mortgage payment on a short term basis to eligible veterans, their dependants and widows.


Wayne County Clerk of Courts

215 North Grant St.
Wooster, OH  44692

(330) 287-5591

  • Available to provide foreclosure filing and service information.