Domestic Relations

The Common Pleas Court contains a domestic division which has jurisdiction over cases involving divorce, dissolution, annulments, legal separations, spousal support, and allocation of parental rights and responsibilities. The Domestic Relations Court is located in the Common Pleas Court.

The Domestic Relations Court contains the offices of Magistrates Jennifer S. Svec and Allyson J. Blake.

Uniform Domestic Relations Forms

Wayne County Domestic Relations Court Forms

These forms are provided for the convenience of residents of Wayne County, Ohio.  Where indicated, they are in PDF format. To download a free PDF reader, visit and download Acrobat Reader. To download a particular form, click the name of the document below.  Many of these forms can be completed online and then printed out and filed with the Clerk of Courts for Wayne County. Some must be printed and then completed manually. MAKE SURE TO READ ALL INSTRUCTIONS.

REMEMBER - Legal matters are often complicated and involve issues that are best handled by an attorney.  We advise all litigants coming before our court to retain an attorney.

NOTE ON PDF FORMS - These forms cannot be saved with the information you input using the free Adobe Acrobat Reader product.  If you complete a form using only Reader, make sure to print it out immediately before leaving the form or you will lose your information.  To save the forms with the information intact, you must purchase the full version of the Adobe Acrobat product or set up and use another PDF capable product.  The full version of Acrobat Reader can be purchased at

METHOD OF COMPLETING FORMS - These forms can be completed on your computer by pressing the "Tab" key on your keyboard to move from field to field and typing in the desired information in each field.  To begin, click once in one of the areas where information is to be entered as viewed in Acrobat Reader.  Type in the information then hit "Tab" to go to the next field.

WHO SHOULD USE THESE FORMS - These forms can be used by individuals who are not represented by attorneys. They can also be used by attorneys in their practice before our court.

Uniform Domestic Relations Forms