Community Service Program

The Community Service Program administers community work service for probationers who are on community control. They are placed with non-profit and governmental agencies and assist these agencies in a variety of projects.

Probationers are referred to the Community Service Program by the Wayne County Court of Common Pleas, as a condition of community control or as an additional sanction for violation behavior.

The probationer is then scheduled to be interviewed by the Community Service Coordinator. The Coordinator will evaluate each probationer’s work, school, and family schedules, as well as his or her access to transportation. Every effort is made to match the probationer’s skill set with the community service agency’s needs. Work activities range from litter collection, landscaping, and maintenance, to clerical and professional tasks.

The Community Service Program demonstrates that community service benefits both the Court and the community. The experience allows probationers the opportunity to model, or at times learn, new  work behaviors, as well as develop skills to assist in living more responsibly.

Information on how to become an approved Community Service site: 

Contact Community Service Coordinator at (330) 287-5553.

The Wayne County Common Pleas Court constantly evaluates trends and shifts in adjudicated populations and develops specialized programming to best meet these trends. One methods of responding to these trends is through the development and administration of the following specialized program: